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New York City tops North America meetings destinations for 2020, according to CWT Meetings & Events, which based its ranking on volume of business and booking trends. Trends include requested cities, awarded RFPs and business value.

Though demand for meetings and events has continued to increase, the pace of growth has fallen, tempered by political headwinds, according to CWT. Fear of a looming recession, driven in part by the deepening trade war between the U.S. and China, is also impacting booking times: Large events that previously booked at least six months in advance are now booking at an average of three months in advance, due to geopolitical and global economic uncertainty.

CWT M&E’s Top North America Meetings Destinations for 2020

  • New York (up from No. 2 last year)
  • San Francisco (up from No. 3)
  • Chicago (up from No. 8)
  • Atlanta (new to the top 10)
  • Toronto (new to the top 10)
  • San Diego (new to the top 10)
  • Seattle (same)
  • Orlando (down from No. 3)
  • Dallas/Fort Worth (down from No. 6)
  • Las Vegas (down from No. 1)

Source: BTN

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