Taxi and limousine company owners in Buffalo, NY are asking lawmakers why they aren’t getting equal treatment, now that they are competing with Transportation Network Companies (TNCs). Traditional transportation companies in the Buffalo market say the rules are slanted toward the TNC newcomers, and some are complaining that they may go out of business as a result.

TNCs are saddled with far fewer regulations, fees and taxes than the legacy companies, according to local operators. Critics also point to a TNC “pickup zone” set up a block from Buffalo’s Keybank Center for hockey fans and other events, that is marked by “no parking zone” signs, and located next to a fire hydrant, on a public sidewalk.

TNCs became legal statewide in New York in June. Traditional transportation owners are asking members of the city’s Common Council to do something about the inequality. North District Council member Joseph Golombek agreed that the game seems to be rigged in favor of the newcomers, despite the fees and the taxes the cabs and limos pay to the city for permits, inspections and police inspections.

While the Common Council is just fact-finding the issue right now, Golombek said city lawmakers need to even the odds, and claims the Common Council is researching if Keybank Center pickup zone is legal.

Source: WIVB4 Buffalo

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