Asian woman are going to work.she wears N95 mask.prevent PM2.5 dust and smog

Everyone in New York state is required to wear a mask or face covering in public – with a few caveats – as part of the state’s ongoing effort to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order on April 17, putting the mandate in place. Cuomo urged people to stay vigilant, even as the infection rate curve began to show signs of flattening in mid-April.

Cuomo’s mask order makes clear that anyone who is out in public in New York and is unable to maintain social distance must wear a mask or a face covering over their mouth and nose. If someone is out for a walk and doesn’t come within six feet of anyone else, they won’t have to wear one – but there are few other exceptions.

Anyone operating or riding on public transit must wear a mask or face covering, as well as anyone operating a For-Hire Vehicle.

The order will remain in effect until Cuomo chooses to rescind it or until he declares an end to the state’s coronavirus emergency, whichever comes first.

Cuomo made clear that you don’t need to have a mask, per se. You can cover your face with any sort of cloth face covering – a scarf, a T-shirt, or anything of the sort.

The order applies to everybody over the age of two, only one exception: If you have some sort of condition that makes covering your face medically intolerable, you don’t have to wear a mask in public, according to Cuomo’s order.

Cuomo said local law enforcement will be asked to enforce the mask requirement as the state tries to stop the spread of the virus. He acknowledged, however, that there are no penalties associated with the order, though he suggested the state could create a small fine if people don’t comply.

The order is available to view on Cuomo’s website – – under the “Executive Order” section.

Source: The Evening Tribune

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