Getting away from your usual surroundings on a business trip can be the perfect time to break some of your “less-than-healthy” habits – like eating poorly of skipping gym visits. When you stay in a hotel designed for business, your downtime is perfect for a proper detox: eating healthy food, using the swimming pool, getting outside for some fresh air or simply meditating.

The following tips will give you a healthy boost on an upcoming business trip.

Eat a healthy breakfast.Even if you’re on a tight schedule, eat breakfast. It gives your metabolism a kickstart, helps you concentrate and makes you less inclined to indulge in a sugary boardroom snack mid-morning. Try healthier options such as eggs, porridge, yogurt and/or fruit.

Reduce or avoid alcohol intake.Business trips are notorious for boozy lunches and alcohol-fueled networking parties – but drinking too much dehydrates you, interferes with sleep and can make you feel terrible the next day. Plus, it’s empty calories. A good hotel will have a range of non-alcoholic drinks, juices and mocktails, so you can avoid the morning-after headache.

Eat healthily.Take control of what you eat on your business trip and choose healthy options. When you’re hungry and fancy a snack or room service, keep it light – select grilled fish, chicken, vegetables and salad rather than a burger and chips. Go for lighter, nutritious dishes.

Take sleep seriously.Tempting as it may be to hit the clubs in a new city, use your business trip to catch up on some deep, restorative sleep. A good night’s sleep does wonders for your concentration and feeling of wellbeing. Pick a room in a hotel’s quiet zone and switch your tech to silent so you don’t get disturbed by alerts. Try a bit of lavender or chamomile aromatherapy essential oil on your pillow to help you drift off.

Fit your workouts in.Pack a workout kit, which includes trainers, joggers, tees, resistance bands, Fitbit and swimsuit so you have no excuse not to hit the hotel gym or swimming pool. Go even further and schedule an exercise session into your working diary. It’s best to get your exercise sessions in early, before everyone else is up. It’ll give you a morning energy boost and your evenings will be free for any spontaneous social events.

Walk or run around the city.Head out for a walk when you first arrive, rather than straight to the bar, especially if your hotel is in a central location. This will help you wind down from your journey and give you an energy boost. If you enjoy running, the change of scenery – new parks, streets, bridges and sights – should be enough to get you outside, exercising while you explore.

Calm your busy mind.No matter how organized you are, business travel can have its own stresses and pressures. It’s important to use downtime to look after your mental health, so give your mind a break by practicing meditation or mindfulness… or simply take time to read or listen to music.

Check out local arts and culture.Research shows that museums can be restorative environments – to relax, recharge and boost your mental and physical well-being. If you pick a hotel that’s right in the center of town, you may find you have world-class museums on your doorstep. Even tiny, quirky ones may have something surprising and educational to offer.

Try to view business trips as an opportunity for some restorative “me time” – they’re great for kick-starting a healthy regime you can continue when you return home.

Source: Huffington Post

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