Electric vehicle (EV) owners may enjoy the benefits of lower maintenance costs and a reduced environmental footprint, but some EV drivers have also noticed their tires wear out more quickly than on gas-burning cars. Tire companies say EV tires can wear out up to 20% faster than on internal-combustion vehicles.

EV tires are specifically designed with optimized tread patterns, rubber compounds and sound-absorbing foam, giving them “better energy efficiency, reduced rolling resistance, and lower road noise,” according to repair shop, Caliber Collision. But EV tires also deliver more immediate torque to the wheels, allowing them to accelerate faster from a standstill – adding stress to the tires and increasing abrasions on the road.

Speeding, abrupt breaking and sharp turns are among the most significant contributors to increased tire wear. The additional weight of an EV battery makes them heavier than their gas-powered counterparts, further increasing wear and tear and shortening tire life.

Source: News Nation

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