Having spent more than 35 years in the industry, David Eckstein, President of Valera Global is finding that the only way forward during these historically difficult times is by building strategic relationships with fellow bases to lower costs and better serve clients during busy periods.

“We’re currently working seriously with several prospective companies to join our Dispatch/Operational Management System and are looking to expand further to others who might be sitting on the fence,” explained Eckstein. “We’ve been working with Town Car International for four years now and have found the relationship to be very valuable. We’ve been able to each maintain ownership in our separate companies and maintain our own personal brands, and it’s been immensely helpful sharing resources and reducing overhead.”

According to Eckstein, it’s been an uphill battle, but he says he’s finally seeing better times ahead. After the bottom fell out of the industry, the number of jobs Valera completes on a daily basis has slowly been climbing in recent weeks. He’s also encouraged that there is now a vaccine and warmer weather is on the way.

“Our relationship with Town Car has worked out tremendously for all concerned, and now we feel like it’s time to expand our Cooperative Dispatch system to improve all of our chances to survive beyond the pandemic,” says Eckstein. “Join us, and you can keep your company, keep your own accounts, and keep your own drivers, while sharing resources and expenses.

For more info, email David.Eckstein@ValeraGlobal.com or call (718) 753-2121.

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