INSHUR, an insurance company specializing in NYC TLC-regulated drivers, is conducting a brief, simple survey offering drivers the chance to win one of two new iPhone XRs. Although the survey takes just a few minutes to complete, it’s a limited-time offer, so drivers are urged to sign up TODAY!

Click on take the survey – created to give INSHUR a better understanding of customers’ needs, enabling it to improve customer service and refine its menu of products.

INSHUR’s new survey comes of the heels of another popular promotion that has saved thousands of drivers hundreds of dollars. Since the program’s launch in February, more than 3,000 drivers have saved up to $450 on their policies, simply by purchasing and installing a $49 Nexar dashcam.

As an added BONUS, drivers who sign up in August receive a $25 Amazon voucher, just by using the VIP Code “BCN” when signing up. Simply download or open the INSHUR app at, select the “Dashcam” option, and choose and purchase a policy.

Easy to install, there are no monthly fees to enjoy the many features of the Nexar dashcam, which helps protect drivers against false claims, improves safety and can save drivers a significant amount of money on their insurance rates each year.

“We have all heard about accidents where fault gets put on the professional driver, often unfairly,” explains INSHUR’s Paul Doran. “A Nexar dashcam solves these worries ANDsaves you money.”

Founded in 2016, INSHUR is owned/managed by insurance specialists, mobile technical developers and TLC-regulated operators, with over 50 years of combined experience in their respective fields. The firm features specialized Driver Support & Operations teams in New York to better assist its local customers.

According to INSHUR: “Visiting and calling broker offices, filing paperwork and signing forms takes drivers off the road, which means lost wages.” When you do things “the INSHUR way,” drivers save time and money.

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