Paul Miller, legislative counsel to The Transportation Alliance (formerly the Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association) testified before the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee Subcommittee on Highways & Transit in November, outlining passenger safety concerns about Transportation Network Companies (TNCs).

Uber and Lyft failed to appear at the hearing, which included topics like “Examining the Future of Transportation Network Companies Challenges and Opportunities.” Miller testified about the inadequacy of Uber’s and Lyft’s background-check process and the need for passengers to be protected by fingerprint-based background checks.

During the hearing, Miller informed the committee that the General Services Administration (GSA) is planning to reimburse TNCs for federal-employee travel instead of using taxis or other transportation modes.

“This is a particularly important moment for Congress to address TNC passenger safety as the GSA moves to outsource federally funded transportation,” said Terry O’Toole, President of The Transportation Alliance. “We urge Congress to protect riders by requiring effective fingerprint background checks of drivers.”

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