Business travel website, Fortune Herald recently compared the differences between the various segments of the corporate ground transportation industry, noting that, “It is essential that your journey is efficient and runs smoothly.” Safety, security, timeliness and reliability are all key factors to consider, according to the media outlet. Whether a corporation is sending someone to meet a client, secure new business, or attend a meeting, the highest priority is knowing their service provider will get their executives and salespeople to their destinations at the agreed upon time, consistently.

The rise of app-hailing companies has given business travelers quick, convenient rides, bookable through their device, with updates on the driver’s location – but are the rides as consistently reliable as, say, a traditional Black Car service?

The Fortune Herald found has found that app-hailing companies get high scores for short, uncomplicated trips – locations that, in the past, riders may have walked to or taken public transport. “Although ride hailing apps are great for leisurely transport, they are not the most discreet form of business travel,” they noted.

If someone is traveling for business, it is likely they will be carrying valuables, such as laptops and business phones, as well as sensitive information. They also want to avoid distractions; no one wants to arrive at a crucial destination feeling anxious or flustered. “That is why a dedicated car service, offering chauffeur class transfers is the best solution for your journey.” Traditional services are generally more established in their market, providing an extra level of discretion, and are fully dedicated to fulfilling the needs of their passengers’ itineraries.

“Reliability is not something you can underestimate, but it is something you might think you have experienced, until you experience it properly,” the Fortune Herald noted. “Knowing you can consistently rely on your mode of transport has its benefits. No longer do passengers have to worry about turning up to their destination late or in some cases having to provide directions to the driver. This all adds unnecessary stress to the passenger and could hinder their performance at their destination.”

A higher-level, well-respected Black Car company often has decades of practice providing seamless service, with a clear focus on the importance of their clients’ itineraries. “A highly-trained, professional driver can put your mind at ease, by having a contingency plan for all potential delays that may crop up. It is their responsibility to put you, as the passenger, first. The requirements of the passenger are a priority for executive drivers, who aim to provide an underlying sense of quiet confidence in the entire process,” added the Fortune Herald.

When choosing a car service, clients should be able to expect the consistency of a smooth journey and great customer service. It shouldn’t be a question of whether one ride is as good as the last. Every journey should meet the same high level of professional standards.

The Fortune Herald summarized with this: “Ride hailing apps are great for navigating around the city, but by choosing an executive car service for your business travel, you are putting your needs as a passenger first by gaining that additional support from a chauffeur driver who is fully dedicated to fulfilling the needs of your itinerary.”

Source: Fortune Herald

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