Driving around the city these days, it’s hard not to see the problems around us. As a NYC taxi driver in a highly regulated industry, I MUST follow the law, and rest assured there are many new ones being created every day. But what about those who don’t follow the laws? Shouldn’t everyone be held accountable? If I step on your foot, should I ask what is your foot doing under mine?

This is where we are in this city. After 10:00pm, it’s like the Gremlins come out… kids on bicycles or scooters, motorcycles in packs of 40 riding in the middle of streets, blocking roadways. Taxi business is busier at night because people are afraid to use mass transit or walk. It’s like 1990, only more expensive.

We have the technology to catch criminals – they’re not even wearing disguises – but the DA lets them back out on the street anyway. So, what is putting more police going to do?

The lawless keep committing crimes, terrorizing streets and honest citizens pay surcharges to ride taxis. So, if a passenger puts a gun to my head and robs me, or the city charges me a tax to pick up passengers, what’s the difference? It’s no wonder many people left NYC. I can see the effects: the streets are empty, businesses are empty, with FOR LEASE signs. If we continue down this path it’ll be like the 70s and 80s, a crime every five seconds, with vacant lots.

As for me, I’ll have to drive my taxi until I’m 100 years old. By the time I retire, I fear the government won’t have money to give me SSI. So, another thing to worry about. Good thing I restructured my medallion loan; only 25 more years to pay it off.

– Taxi Solomon

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