The National Limousine Association (NLA) has named the top business travel trends, as reported in media outlet, Travel Trade.

Business Travel is (Nearly) Back: The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) reported in October that 84% of GBTA survey respondents said business travel in 2023 has largely or mostly recovered, when compared to 2019.

AI is Transforming Ground Transportation: Automated dispatch systems that reduce carbon footprints and chatbots are among the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies transforming transportation by offering greater efficiencies and improved customer service.

Group Transportation is Strong: Business travel will continue to return in 2024, according to the GBTA, largely driven by in-person meetings and events. Group transportation will also be very healthy moving forward, the organization added, as companies realize the effectiveness of in-person meetings. Nearly 70% of travel buyers reported an expected increase in corporate travel budgets next year.

Green Travel is the Future: Sustainability continues to be a major factor for managed business travel programs, with more and more corporations committing to climate targets. The NLA recently announced a new GreenRides initiative to promote and implement environmentally responsible practices across the industry.

Risk Management, Wellness Are Top of Mind: When it comes to business travel, the GBTA says the two lasting components corporations are thinking about are wellness (the importance of an employee’s state of mind and ease when traveling) and risk management.

Source: Travel Trade

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