The TLC reminded its licensees a New York State states that everyone in a vehicle – including the driver and all passengers – must wear their seat belts. The state law applies to trips in all TLC-licensed vehicles, as well personal cars. Law enforcement officers in New York State may stop vehicles if drivers or passengers are not using seat belts; they do not need to observe other traffic violations. These violations are subject to fines and points if observed by law enforcement. Passengers 16 years old and over will receive a summons if they are not buckled up. If passengers 16 years of age and older are traveling with a child who is not buckled up, that passenger will also receive a summons. Drivers will be summonsed if they have an unbuckled passenger under the age of 16 or if the driver is unbuckled.

All TLC-licensed vehicles must have TLC-issued decals posted. They are available at many fleets, bases, industry organizations, taximeter shops, etc. The current list can be found at, although licensees are advised to call in advance to make sure they have decals on site.

The decal states: “Seatbelts must be available for your use. You must buckle up, it’s the law.” They must be posted in English, Spanish, and Chinese. TLC provides the decals free of charge to all its licensees. They are also available at TLC’s Long Island City Licensing Facility and TLC’s Woodside facility. A printable version is available at Licensees can also install their own signage; the decals the TLC provides are not required and are not mandatory if licensees provide their own signage. Further questions should be directed to

Source: NYC TLC

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