Yellow taxi drivers that lease cabs participating in the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission’s (TLC) Fair Share Pilot can now work on commission, rather than beginning a shift by paying a full lease payment. New York City Taxi Group is the first garage to join TLC’s pilot and offer this popular leasing arrangement, and is doing so using an app called Lacus Driver, which lets drivers lease on commission, check their earnings, find an available taxi and get on the road with a tap.

New York City Taxi Group, a Brooklyn-based fleet that manages over 260 medallions, has begun to offer fair share commission leases to drivers. The maximum commission charged is 35%.

Through the app, drivers receive the following benefits:

  • Keyless entry allows drivers to locate and lease a car by phone without having to travel to a garage. When drivers finish their shift, they can simply park the car where they are, or near their home.
  • Drivers choose the hours they want to work.
  • Drivers can monitor their earnings and have them deposited directly onto their personal accounts.

To learn more about the Taxicab Leasing Pilot, medallion owners and agents can visit this section of the TLC website:

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