On May 25, New York City Council’s Committee on Rules, Privileges, and Elections confirmed three new commissioners to serve on the Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) Board. The Committee also reconfirmed Commissioner Thomas Sorrentino.

These are the three new TLC Board


Paul Bader was an NYC taxi driver from 1970 to 1980 and is founder of City Imprint & New York Prints. He also worked at the Comptroller’s Office.

  • Kenneth Y.K. Chan is an intellectual property lawyer, technology executive and real estate-focused entrepreneur.
  • Sarah Kaufman is a transportation and urban planning academic at Rudin Center for Transportation and board member at Transportation Alternatives.

Once approved, TLC Commissioners generally serve a seven-year term. However, two of the three nominees – Kenneth Y.K. Chan and Sarah Kaufman – are being appointed to existing terms. This means Mr. Chan’s term expires in January 2024 and Mrs. Kaufman’s in January 2026.

Source: AutoMarketplace NYC

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