New York’s Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) announced that January marked “a historic sustainability standard,” as its high-volume for-hire fleet completed over one million zero-emission rides for the first time that month. Buoyed by the successful passage of the Green Rides Initiative last year, the Uber and Lyft fleet’s total number of zero-emission trips in January 2024 was 1.08 million – up from 157,000 the previous year. This period also saw a 33% increase in Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) trips.

The TLC said the Green Rides benchmark goals for Uber and Lyft’s transition to 100% zero-emission or wheelchair accessible trips by 2030 helped it meet the program’s benchmarks that were set for the end of 2025 two years early. The remaining targets are 25% in 2026 and 40% in 2027, with annual 20 percentage point increases until the end of the decade.

“Drivers are excited to be part of the City’s Green Rides Initiative as all for-hire vehicle drivers deserve the right to own their own work vehicle,” said Brendan Sexton, president of the Independent Drivers Guild. “Allowing the city’s Uber and Lyft drivers to own their electric work vehicles is fundamental to achieving a cleaner and healthier city, while also improving economic opportunity for drivers.”

Source: NYC TLC

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