During the COVID-19 pandemic, the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) is allowing all vehicles without partitions the opportunity to have temporary partitions installed by approved partition installers. Traditionally, partitions have had to meet the technical requirements contained in the TLC’s rules. However, the TLC is temporarily easing restrictions to allow “non-bulletproof” partitions to be installed by approved installers.

For a list of approved partition installers, visit the TLC’s website here – but be sure to contact the approved installer before showing up for partition prices and availability. Many are booked up for months and are not taking new customers; others on the list are not currently operating. The TLC has, however, begun adding new companies to their existing “authorized” list.

The TLC encourages drivers to keep a copy of their installation paperwork in their vehicles to demonstrate the partition was installed by an approved installer, in the event they are pulled over by an enforcement officer. According to the Black Car Assistance Corporation (BCAC), you could otherwise be issued a violation.

“Masks and gloves are great, but a partition in your vehicle may be an added layer of protection that is worth the investment,” noted BCAC Executive Director, Ira Goldstein. “In the past, partitions for vehicles have had to meet technical requirements set by the TLC. However, the TLC has stated that they are temporarily easing these restrictions in order to allow non-bulletproof partitions to be installed. While the TLC has stated that enforcement will not be a priority, it’s important to note though that the TLC is requiring you to use one of their approved installers.”

Source: NYC TLC

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