After three Livery drivers allegedly attacked two NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) inspectors in the Bronx this past January, TLC officials met with members of the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers (NYSFTD).

During the incident, TLC inspectors snapped photos of the suspects, who surrounded them and damaged their car. Many say the attack is part of a bigger issue involving growing tension between the TLC and FHV drivers, many of whom are fed up with what they consider overly-aggressive ticketing and random inspections.

Livery industry leaders were clear that they DO NOT support violence as a means of protest or retaliation – but asked for a “cooling off period” from TLC inspectors after the incident.

Investigators say the attackers were part of large group that confronted the two inspectors, who pulled over a driver for picking up an illegal street hail. One of the attackers smashed the rear window of the inspectors’ car.

Drivers say TLC inspectors have been disrespectful and aggressive, handing out what many consider excessive fines that are financially crippling. The TLC says fines are set by the city, and inspectors are simply doing their job and protecting drivers who follow the rules.

“Illegal street hails are a danger to the public and undermine the work of legitimate for-hire drivers,” TLC Deputy Commissioner for Public Affairs Allan Fromberg said. “The TLC will continue to enforce New York City’s laws.”

Source: ABC7NY

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