Close up view of smartphone charging battery

It’s irritating, inconvenient and can be downright dangerous if your cell phone battery dies at an inopportune time or the battery starts losing its charge faster and faster. The following tips will help your battery hold its charge for longer.

Charge smarter, not longer. Charging your phone to 100% and letting it dip to 0% ages the battery. Instead, try to keep the charge between 30% and 80% by plugging your device in for smaller chunks of time.

Avoid plugging in overnight. Enable the optimized charging setting, if available, or plug your phone in for short spurts instead. Unplug before the battery is full.

Steer clear of extreme temps. Lithium-ion batteries are sensitive to heat and cold. Don’t leave your phone on the dashboard on a sunny day. If you’re out in the cold for an extended period, let your device warm up before plugging it in.

Only use certified chargers and cables. While some aftermarket parts work just fine, others may lack safety mechanisms that protect your device.

Source: Verizon/Asurion

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