By Michael Spevack

Hello everybody… This month, I want to talk about TLC tickets that carry points. Any ticket you receive from either a TLC inspector or an NYPD or PAPD (Port Authority Police Department) officer, which is returnable at OATH for a violation of TLC rules, must be taken seriously by a NYC TLC driver. It is important for a driver who receives such a summons to look at the rule contained in the body of such ticket and to go to the TLC website to see if this ticket carries TLC points.

Alternatively, if you have a lawyer or representative that you regularly deal with it is a good idea to show this ticket to the lawyer or rep to see what the negative consequences of such a ticket might be for you. Even if the ticket does not carry TLC points, it must be responded to and paid or handled by a qualified attorney or representative or a driver at OATH court. If the ticket carries points, you must make an effort to speak to your lawyer or representative to minimize the negative impact of such a ticket.

I have written before about the negative impact of TLC points to an NYC professional taxi or for-hire driver, but I want to emphasize again that TLC points are the enemy of all NYC TLC drivers. TLC rules allow TLC to combine TLC and DMV points to either suspend or revoke your TLC license.

TLC points on their own may result in a suspension or revocation of your TLC license, and, accordingly, you lose your job as a NYC TLC licensed driver.

As an attorney fighting for drivers’ rights since 1995, I can tell you that attorneys or qualified reps can save you from license jeopardy if you act quickly when you receive a TLC summons and allow your lawyer or representative to help you minimize the impact of a point ticket from TLC.

I am available to talk to you if you receive a TLC ticket and will gladly help you to learn what the negative consequences of such a ticket are for you for no initial fee. Further, qualified attorneys and representatives like myself keep their fees reasonable so that you can afford representation. Please be smart and hire a qualified attorney or representative if you receive a TLC summons and especially if it carries TLC points.

Thank you for reading my article. Until next month, be well.

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