A study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that gathered and analyzed crash data regarding various intersection types in New York between 2017 and 2021 found that the most dangerous type of intersection for fatal motor vehicle crashes in the state is a four-way intersection. Out of the total of 1,642 fatal crashes examined, 1,005 were at four-way intersections – or 61.2% of the fatalities. T-intersections were identified as the second most common site for fatalities, with 565 incidents, making up 34.4% of the total. Y-intersections came in third, accounting for 55 fatal crashes or 3.4%.

“The study found that out of the 4,785 fatal crashes that occurred in New York over the five year period, 1,642 happened at some type of intersection, which is 34.3%,” noted a spokesperson for Injured In Florida. “This data is a reminder to all road users of the importance of driving carefully at all times, but especially when approaching any type of crossroads or intersection.”

Source: Injured In Florida

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