Spring is coming early for me and my kitten Ronnie, thanks to Dr. Doug Palma of The Animal Medical Center (located at 510 East 62nd Street in NYC). The Animal Medical Center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And if you ever have an animal emergency, don’t worry about calling first – just head on over.

After suffering from chronic diarrhea, parasites, and bacterial infections, and being initially diagnosed with the deadly FIP disease, Dr. Palma has Ronnie clearly on the road to what looks a full and miraculous recovery!

Thank you, Dr. Palma! You are a hero!

Ronnie actually had a fecal transplant. So, what exactly is a fecal transplant? Also called Fecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT), a fecal transplant is the process in which stool from a healthy donor is transferred to the intestines of a sick recipient. The stool from the donor contains a functioning and healthy community of bacteria that can take up residence in the sick recipient’s gut.

Ronnie has already put on a pound, and for the first time in a long time he is acting like a kitten! Seeing him playing with a toy and running around the house has given me a sense of happiness that I feared I would not find, since so many medicines and treatments before the transplant only achieved mild and very temporary improvements.

A friend of mine is a surgeon. He explained the difference between local vets and those at The Animal Medical Center. He said that most vets know a little about a lot of things. But at a facility like The Animal Medical Center, they are specialist vets. Vets that specialize in cardiology, neurology, cancer – you name it. They have more than 100 vets affiliated with the center. And they consult with each other on problem cases. While you may be thinking “expensive,” I found their charges fair and reasonable, and they saved Ronnie from feeling ill and gave him back his kittenhood!

Once again, thank you Dr. Palma! You are our hero!

Article by Diana Clemente

Diana Clemente is President of the Black Car Assistance Corporation and Big Apple Car.

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