As the City reopen in phases, people are eager to spend more time outdoors to enjoy the warmer weather. Hotter weather means you should perform some important, regular preventative maintenance on your vehicle, and also watch out for more pedestrians. We thew in some additional tips that should be followed year-round.

Summer Vehicle Maintenance

  • Inspect your radiator if your vehicle is more than a year old.
  • Change fan belts and always check your fluids.
  • Replace or remove your winter thermostat.

Summer Driving Season

  • Be especially alert for children, at all hours of the day.
  • Keep your air conditioning on. Your passengers will expect a cool vehicle. Do not wait for a passenger to request air conditioning; it will take longer for your vehicle to reach a comfortable temperature than the average time a passenger spends in your vehicle.
  • Air conditioning is primarily for the comfort of your passengers. While the cost of fuel will increase as you use your air conditioner more, the average gratuities should increase at a rate that more than offsets the increased cost.
  • Driving a comfortable vehicle in the summer will reduce your chance of getting involved in a road rage incident.
  • An air-conditioned vehicle reduces irritability and exhaustion for you, too. You’ll be able to work your shift much more comfortably and less stressfully.
  • Be courteous to all the tourists. They rely on you for helpful hints and information, while providing a tremendous boost to the New York City economy.

High Technology Demands Safe Driving

We live and work in a world rich with technology and instant replays. Industry scrutiny has been made easier with cell phone cameras, GPS and other technological advances that demand drivers consider the following:

  • All Taxis, Black Cars, Liveries and other FHVs are instantly identifiable by license plates, medallion numbers and base ID stickers.
  • Many streets are equipped with police surveillance cameras to record traffic and pedestrian activity.
  • Industry drivers are representatives of Medallion Management Companies and FHV Bases, as well as being ambassadors for the city. Take special pride and always present yourself in a safe and professional manner.
  • Be courteous to your peers, all other motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • Go out of your way to yield to vehicles with out-of-state license plates; their drivers may not be familiar with the street or area where they are driving.
  • Be mindful that everything you do while operating your vehicle may be recorded by pedestrians and or other vehicle occupants. Remember, the general public has easy access to register complaints.
  • Anyone is a potential passenger, so do everything you can during your work shift to present a positive image of yourself and the industry you represent.

Horn Usage

  • Do not use your horn unless it’s necessary. Unnecessary use of your horn may distract other drivers and cause an accident. There is only one reason to use your horn: to warn other drivers of imminent danger.
  • Do not use your horn as a display of anger or frustration. Such horn use may lead to an unnecessary case of road rage.
  • Be aware that pedestrians or motorists may be frightened by excessive horn use, causing them to overreact, panic and take abrupt or unsafe actions.
  • Please note that senior citizens may not hear your horn.
  • Excessive or unnecessary horn use is against the law and can result in a summons and points on your license.
Article by Bertram Merling

Bertram Merling is the Loss Control Coordinator for the Hereford Insurance Company.

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