We were deeply saddened to learn that a 36 year old man who is presumed to be a New York City for-hire vehicle driver tragically took his own life in June. Our city and our industry have been through the unimaginable in recent months.

These are stressful times for many drivers and their families. Many for-hire drivers invested their life savings and took out loans to join this industry only to see their livelihood destroyed during this pandemic and we face continued uncertainty for the future. But we urge our fellow drivers: Do not carry this burden alone. We are stronger together. 

Last year, the Independent Drivers Guild launched a first of its kind mental health and wellness program designed specifically for New York’s For-Hire Vehicle drivers. Our team of licensed counselors and social workers fluent in several languages are hard at work connecting drivers with the resources they need to get through this crisis and providing free individual, couples, and family therapy to help drivers navigate this uncertain time.

We also hold weekly discussion circles over Zoom where we share our struggles and share resources to help navigate the challenges we face.

Drivers: During this time of increased stress and uncertainty, our professional counselors can provide free counseling for you & your family. Reach out, contact us at wellness@drivingguild.org or 917-594-5443. Learn more at drivingguild.org/wellness.

Article by Brendan Sexton

Brendan Sexton is the Executive Director of Independent Drivers Guild (IDG) representing over 70,000 working drivers throughout the for-hire vehicle industry.

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