Screen of gas pump, close-up

Drivers across the country continue to struggle from the effects of elevated gas prices, particularly those who make their living that way. An article on the WSMV4 website noted that Nashville limousine companies are getting slammed by gas prices that reached $4.24 per gallon in mid-May, just as the national average hit another high benchmark, passing the $4.50 mark for the first time ever.

All-Stars Limousine in Tennessee told the media outlet they are trying to make up lost revenue with fuel charges, particularly on some of their larger limos and buses, some of which get less than 10mpg. The company uses a sliding scale, based on pickup and drop-off locations. The owner said he tries to avoid charging long-time customers but depending on the proximity of the pickup and drop off locations, a surcharge is necessary just to cover costs.

Source: WSMV4

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