Being a Chauffeur is simple, but it is certainly not easy. What’s the difference? A lot.

To be a good Chauffeur, you must NOT do three things:

  • Don’t be late
  • Don’t get lost
  • Don’t get into an accident

How do you make sure not to make these three mistakes? Simply plan ahead and be prepared. This simple rule can also help you succeed in most aspects of your life.

There is a saying that makes sense: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” When you plan ahead, do four things to ensure success; these four things spell the word PLAN:

P – Prepare (Study a situation). Prepare for your every ride by studying the map to reach your destination. Also, text your passenger and arrive on time. Make sure your vehicle is in good operating condition. When your passenger is on board, explain the route you have carefully planned for them. This shows the passenger you are prepared.

L – Learn (Open your mind). Learn different ways to reach your destination. Listening to traffic reports on the radio can help you avoid accidents and traffic problems. This will avoid delays and prevent getting lost.

A – Anticipate (Expectations). Anticipate potential challenges and obstacles when en route to your pickup. This includes anticipating what other drivers will do.

N – Negotiate (Make changes). Negotiate your progress and success by re-evaluating your plan to successfully and safely arrive at your destination.

As stated before, being a Chauffeur is simple but not easy. Why? I’m an AM driver and, In my humble opinion, it is difficult to wake up at 2:00am to be on time for an early morning pickup.

For a PM driver, it is difficult to keep focused driving past midnight. I started driving the PM shift in October 2013. I could not continue driving after 10:00pm, so I switched to the AM shift in March 2014.

Another reason it’s not easy: The challenge of concentrating and focusing on driving in rain, sleet, ice and snow. Sometimes there is a fatigue factor that can be risky. You need to get enough sleep every night to be your best.

Controlling road rage is also not easy. When driving, I don’t take things personally so I try to leave my emotions and my testosterone at home.

In conclusion, being a good chauffeur is simple but not easy. A good Chauffeur plans ahead and is prepared for any potential challenge or problem. Being prepared will ensure your success on the road.


RH Stovall, Jr., is an award winning Senior Executive Chauffeur, Trainer & Mentor for Royal Coachman Worldwide, based in Denville, NJ. He can be reached at or call / text him at 908.358.4172.

Article by RH Stovall, Jr

R.H. Stovall, Jr. is a Senior Executive Chauffeur, trainer and mentor for Royal Coachman Worldwide in Denville, NJ.

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