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  1. Keep your contact information up to date. This allows your banking institution to contact you quickly in the event of suspicious activity on your account. Simply sign-in to online banking to review and update contact information.
  2. Create the strongest possible passwords. A strong password offers improved defense against hackers. Alternate letters, numbers, and symbols. DO NOT use common words and avoid personal information (like a Social Security number, phone number, birthday, or pet or family member name). Use a different password for every site; consider using a password manager to keep track of them. DO NOT store passwords in unencrypted files, like the “notes” app on your phone. Write them down or consider a password manager. Use two-factor authentication, a second level of security, whenever possible. The best passwords should be based on something you can remember but that would be difficult for a hacker to guess.
  3. Allow push alerts on mobile banking apps. This allows your banking institution to contact you quickly in the event of suspicious account activity.
  4. Protect your devices. Keep your phone, tablet, and computer up to date with the latest browsers and operating systems to protect against vulnerabilities. Consider using a virus, malware, and phishing detection app.
  5. Enable biometrics (fingerprint sign-on or facial recognition). If someone gains access to your personal information, they can pretend to be you online. This will help stop them.
  6. Know the red flags that signal a scam. If you provide your information or money to a scammer, there is often little your banking institution can do to get your money back. Understand how scammers operate and the ways they pressure or trick you into sending money and information. Don’t fall for their nonsense.

Source: Bank of America

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