This month’s tips highlight reasons drivers need to be even more careful as summer approaches… schools across the city let out for the summer this month and early next month is the July 4thHoliday.

School is Out for Summer

  • School will be “out” with the onset of summer, which means all drivers should use extra caution in any areas that children frequent – including playgrounds, parks, ballfields, beaches, etc.
  • Beware of children on bicycles or skates.
  • Beware of children playing near open fire hydrants.
  • Use extra caution around public pools and beaches.
  • Beware of adults crossing with strollers while talking on cell phones.
  • Continue to use caution around all schools as summer school may be in session.
  • “Prom Season” falls just before school lets out, which means teenagers will be getting in and out of limousines to take photos. Please use extra caution when encountering them. Allow them to enjoy their special evening.

Summer Driving Season

  • When it’s warm out, it is recommended that you keep your air conditioning running. Your passengers will expect a cool vehicle; do not wait for someone to request it. While the amount you spend on fuel will increase with the use of air conditioning, average gratuities will increase at a rate that will more than offset that cost.
  • Remember: New York City’s buses and subways are air conditioned and offer transportation at a far lower cost than you.
  • Driving a comfortable vehicle in the summer will reduce your chances of getting involved in a road rage incident.
  • A comfortable vehicle will allow you to work your normal shift without becoming irritable and/or exhausted too quickly.
  • Be courteous to all the tourists. Tourists rely on you for helpful hints and information, and they provide a tremendous boost to the New York City economy.

July 4th Holiday

  • Please use extra caution on July 4, as well as during the weekends before and after the holiday. At this time of year there will be motorists attending holiday events, and they may be driving under the influence of alcohol and/or other illegal substances.

If you attend a holiday event, we recommend that you get plenty of rest before and after it. Driving while drowsy places you at the same risk as driving while intoxicated.

Article by Bertram Merling

Bertram Merling is the Loss Control Coordinator for the Hereford Insurance Company.

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