According to Microsoft Travel, business travel “must evolve to have higher impact, lower footprint and greater inclusivity” as it recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic. The advice evolved from presentations at a “Purposeful Travel Summit” hosted by Microsoft Travel last June, which included travel managers, consultants and airline, hotel, travel management company and travel technology executives.

Business travel must have “a clear purpose and return” with minimal impact on the environment and traveler health and performance, Microsoft Travel added. In turn, travel should be considered less of a cost and more of an investment that provides value – enough value to justify additional costs that may result from issues like sustainability and diversity, equity and inclusion.

“A business trip is not about the flight or the hotel; it is about the value derived from being face to face,” said Microsoft Travel. “Policy approaches have led us to micromanage travel and focus heavily on booking and expensing through a cost minimization lens rather than a view of investing for value.”

Source: Business Travel News

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