After the global shock of the pandemic and the subsequent changes that the business world saw in 2020, business travel is slowly finding its feet again. It might not look exactly the way it looked before Covid-19, but corporate travel is expected to ramp up in the coming months – specifically, with a return to air travel. While the pandemic is still a part of our daily lives, businesses and entrepreneurs alike have adjusted to traveling a bit differently.

Already in 2021, conferences and corporate gatherings are starting to return, and people are keen to get back to some sense of normalcy. Travel managers will become even more important and quality travel management will be ever more critical. However, questions remain from travelers and corporations about the processes, from the affordability of travel to what to expect on a plane. Travel managers who possess the important details and recommendations are going to become valuable partners to company leadership, and trusted resources for inquisitive consumers.

Things are rapidly changing and rules around business travel have shifted. Corporate travelers are subject to different Covid restrictions in each state and country, and travelers have numerous, understandable concerns. Knowing these questions ahead of time as a CEO, a traveler or a business event organizer is key.

The following currently are the biggest business travel concerns for consumers:

Chaos and Disorganization

Business travelers want to be sure every aspect of their trip will be organized. Surprises and chaos are not what anyone wants as they dip their toes back in the water. They need to be made aware ahead of time what the travel policies of airlines, transport companies and hotels are – anything that might leave them at risk for an inconvenience or difficulty while they are making their way to an important meeting or their way back home. People want order and information to navigate future travel, and it’s important for relevant companies to provide necessary disclosures ahead of time so their customers can be prepared.

Sudden Travel Bans and Shutdowns

When you’re traveling to another state or country, a whole new layer is added to processes, procedures, and policies. Every country has different rules and travel requirements, whether it’s for business or pleasure. It’s likely that traveling to another country will require a Covid test, but things get more challenging at the prospect of some countries tightening lockdowns and rules in the middle of a trip. These quick changes can have a significant impact on business travelers, who could end up being in a country longer than anticipated or be forced to change travel plans on the fly. This needs to be anticipated, and alternative travel routes or extended accommodations must be considered to help ensure a smooth travel process.


At this point, most people have adjusted to things like sanitization stations and social distancing, but now that we’ve entered the phase of vaccines, many travelers can’t help but wonder what that will mean for planning trips. Are vaccines going to be a requirement on airlines, and legally required in countries they are traveling to? These, and many other questions abound as we adjust, and business travelers and the people planning their trips will want to know how it will impact them. Travel managers must be prepared to lessen stress and avoid potential problems.


In today’s business environment, cost is always an issue. Business owners, corporations and travelers alike are concerned about how changes to travel policies and social distancing could impact the cost of travel. In an environment where cost cutting has become the norm, people want to be sure travel prices won’t skyrocket.

Going forward, it’s going to be important for business travel to be efficient, safe, cost-effective and most importantly, carried out with as much information as possible, so travelers know what to expect.

Source: Nu Wire Investor

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