Another challenging summer is ahead for commuters who use New York’s Penn Station, where Amtrak will once again take tracks out of service for much needed repairs. In 2017, Amtrak repaired the A Interlocking. This year, the C and JO interlockings will be repaired. They are located on the side closest to Long Island and the Sunnyside rail yards. Through a shared agreement, when tracks at Penn Station are taken out of service, the remaining ones are redistributed equally among the three rail agencies – Amtrak, LIRR and New Jersey Transit.

Fortunately for commuters, there will be less work this time around, so the diversions and cancellations will be more strategic and are expected to impact less the half of those inconvenienced during 2017’s so-called “Summer of Hell.” However, NJ Transit has the additional problem of an ongoing engineer shortage. New engineers are being trained but won’t graduate until the fall.

Beginning June 17, NJ Transit will be diverting select Midtown Direct rail service on the Montclair-Boonton line and on North Jersey Coastline train to Hoboken. Other service adjustments will include Morris and Essex Line Midtown Direct trains no longer stopping at Newark Broad Street during mornings and evening peak periods, and a limited number of Midtown Direct reverse-peak trains will operate from Hoboken. For a more detailed list of changes, please visit:

Source: ABC7 New York

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