This month’s tips cover several important areas that affect your livelihood and health.

Passenger Relations

  • Obtain advanced knowledge of your destination and discuss it with your passengers.
  • Be diplomatic in representing yourself and your base or management company.
  • Avoid controversy.
  • Never argue with a passenger. They are your temporary employers.
  • Always be polite: Say “please,” “thank you,” and “you’re welcome” whenever it’s appropriate.
  • Ask permission before adjusting the vehicle’s temperature or playing the radio.
  • Let the passenger choose the topic of conversation. Respect a passenger’s right not to have one.
  • Learn to listen and listen to learn.
  • During “difficult” situations, always behave professionally, be tactful, and if need be, let passengers vent without getting defensive or upset. Apologize when necessary.
  • COVID-19: Follow Covid-19 protocols by wearing a mask, regularly washing your hands, maintaining safe social distancing, getting tested and keeping your car sanitized.

Road Rage

  • Road Rage incidents increase as warmer weather approaches and traffic increases.
  • You can help avoid road rage by keeping your vehicle cool and your body hydrated with plenty of water.
  • If you are a target of road rage always apologize so the incident doesn’t escalate into violence.
  • Do not leave your vehicle to respond to a motorist who is enraged or angry, regardless of the situation
  • Road rage confrontations can ultimately result in preventable accidents and violent confrontations which could injure drivers and or pedestrians.
  • Professional drivers engaging in unprofessional conduct will likely be judged harshly by law enforcement, regulatory agencies, their employers, peers and the general public, creating a negative image of the industry that none of us wants to see at this point.

Proper Driving Posture

  • The way you sit and hold the steering wheel affects your driving. Good posture can help you stay alert and in full control of your vehicle.
  • Sit with your back straight, upright, and relaxed against the seat.
  • Move your seat close enough so you can easily reach the pedals but far enough away that your elbows are in front of you when holding the steering wheel.
  • Keep both feet within reach of the floor controls.
  • Keep both hands on the steering wheel.
Article by Bertram Merling

Bertram Merling is the Loss Control Coordinator for the Hereford Insurance Company.

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