Supporters of a dynamically-priced, citywide parking fee say it would help cure NYC’s serious parking problem. The plan, which would channel parking revenue into street improvements, is struggling to gain traction – in large part because analysts and advocates who could make the case that a limited, coveted public asset such as curb space shouldn’t be free are busy pushing congestion pricing and don’t want to jeopardize the progress they’ve made in that regard.

“I’m concerned that with [the passage of] congestion pricing seeming so close, to potentially muddy the waters with curbside pricing reform – as eminently desirable as that is – runs the risk of losing the main prize,” said Charles Komanoff, whose studies for the Fix NYC advisory panel convened by Gov. Andrew Cuomo spelled out congestion pricing’s benefits.

But there are things the city could do right now, Komanoff said, such as cracking down on the abuse of parking placards, which undermines efforts at clearing the curb by letting thousands of people with connections to the city (or with counterfeiting equipment) to disregard regulations.

Source: Crain’s New York Business


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