It’s going to cost more to break parking rules on New York City streets – but not so much more that large fleets from companies such as Fedex and UPS will likely go to court over the tickets. At least that’s the hope of the Department of Finance, which announced an update in October to its stipulated fine program, which lets 2,700 businesses pay reduced rates on tickets in exchange for not challenging them in court.

The program has come under attack as a giveaway to large corporations that generate enormous profits while blocking city streets. The Department of Finance claims to serve the needs of both the city and companies making deliveries, which are growing in number as online shopping becomes a way of life.

Updates to the program will add fines to 17 violations that previously had zero penalties, including double-parking, which will now have a fine of $35, and parking past a posted time limit, which has gone up to $25. The city originally proposed raising the penalty on the zero-dollar fines to $60, but faced fierce objections from enrolled companies, some of whom threatened to leave the program over it. Leaving the program and challenging tickets could feasibly clog the system and impose a huge burden on the city.

Ten violations that had reduced fines in the original stipulated program will now require payment in full. Those include blocking fire hydrants ($115), pedestrian ramps ($165) and obstructing traffic ($115). The new fines, which will go into effect Dec. 3, will increase annual costs for participating companies by $15 million, or 27%. The city’s annual revenue from the program is expected to rise 25% to $61 million.

Source: Crain’s New York Business

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