“New York City is in the midst of one of the most important transitions of our generation. It’s the pursuit of electrification, renewable energy and a cleaner, zero-emission city. Indeed, we’re making major environmental improvements across the city… but one area has lagged behind despite ample technological progress: our streets. Drivers, whether they use their vehicles for work or personal use, won’t transition to EVs unless they can reliably and conveniently charge them. Without home garages to plug in like most everywhere else, New York City needs an immediate overhaul of its public fast charging access so everyone has the choice to go electric. We must continue lowering barriers to EV use, including increasing tax credits even more for lower-income consumers, allowing more direct-to-consumer sales, giving incentives for for-hire-vehicle operators to transition their fleets such as an EV exemption to congestion pricing for rideshare and medallion holders, and of course, creating more public charging access.”

– Haley Rubinson, Revel

Source: amNY

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