A bill introduced in late Nov, seeks to prohibit the idling of “any passenger vehicle in New York state for more than three consecutive minutes when not in motion.” The first violation would result in a warning, while subsequent violations would be punishable by a fine of $150. Introduced by Assemblyman Chris Eachus from District 99 (Orange and Rockland counties), the bill says: “A passenger vehicle is considered any vehicle, motorcycle or light-duty truck with a gross weight of 8,500 pounds or less. Non-commercial personal transportation, such as taxis and livery cabs, are considered passenger vehicles, and would thus be eligible for fines.”

The fine wouldn’t be applicable to drivers of idling vehicles stuck in traffic; if idling is required for maintenance, safe loading, unloading, or transport of people with one or more disabilities; or if the vehicle contains one or more children or pets. Additionally, a fine would not be levied against drivers if the car is idling in temperatures of 32 degree or colder.

Drivers of authorized emergency vehicles would be excluded while performing within the scope of their duties. Hybrid vehicles would also be allowed to idle, as long as the vehicle is providing energy for the vehicle’s battery.

Should the bill make it to Gov. Hochul’s desk, it would take effect 180 days after being signed into law.

Idling for longer than three minutes, or more than one minute while adjacent to a school, is already illegal in New York City.

The state Department of Environmental Conservation says vehicle exhaust from idling cars contains pollutants that mainly affect the heart and lungs but can also affect other organs.

Source: MSN

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