Brooklyn lawmakers have introduced a plan to penalize repeat speeders by electronically limiting their cars’ speeds. Drivers with multiple speed-camera violations would be ordered to install aftermarket speed limiters on their cars under the bill, which was proposed August 2, by two legislators. Sen. Andrew Gounardes (D-Brooklyn) announced his sponsorship of a Senate bill and Assembly member Emily Gallagher (D-Brooklyn) said she is backing the Assembly version.

The limiting device, once installed, would bar vehicles from traveling more than 5 mph above the posted speed limit. They would have to be installed in cars caught six or more times by an automated speed camera.

Speeding tickets issued by police officers carry points against a driver’s license, but those issued by automated systems (like redlight cameras) do not, since the systems cannot prove who was driving the car at the time. In New York State, a driver’s license can be suspended after cumulating 11 points in 18-months. Gounardes’ and Gallagher’s bill would require a speed limiter on drivers with 11 points to remain installed for a year, if their license is not suspended.

Source: Government Technology

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