Fog on the Road at Night. Driving in a Fog.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has approved high-tech headlights for new vehicles that don’t create glare for oncoming traffic. The “adaptive driving beam headlights,” already common in Europe, have LED lamps that can focus beams on darkness – such as the driver’s lane and areas along the roadside. They also lower the intensity of the light beams if there’s oncoming traffic. Camera sensors and computers help determine where the light should go.

According to experts, the new lights will initially show up in higher-cost luxury vehicles but will spread to more mainstream ones as the price of the tech falls. Currently, Audi charges $3,000 for the top version of the lights in the U.S.

The technology uses an array of light emitting diodes that can change where light beams are sent, rather than the current technology of high beams hitting everywhere. The new lights will also help partially automated driver assist systems keep cars in their lanes and avoid objects in front of the vehicles at night.

Source: SF Gate

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