TLC UP has been expanded to include the new online “License Snapshot” feature that gives all licensees a real-time view of their license status. Please note, the TLC’s lists of Current Licensees will remain the official record of current licenses.

In addition to TLC UP’s document upload and application status features, licensees can now access the following features:

  • All licensees can see their current status and expiration date
  • Drivers can view their last drug test date and upcoming drug test due dates
  • Vehicle owners can view their base affiliation, SHL permit affiliation and insurance information
  • Bases can view a list of affiliated vehicles, SHL permits and their statuses
  • Medallion agents can view a list of the medallions they manage, and their statuses

Licensees can use these new features by visiting logging in with their license number, last five digits of their Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number, and mailing ZIP code. If you need assistance or have questions about License Snapshot, email

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