NYC Transit president Sarah Feinberg March that Access-A-Ride users won’t be sharing trips with other mobility-challenged people, in order to protect them from the coronavirus. Access-A-Ride users will still be able to request trips in wheelchair accessible vans, but they’ll be dropped off before the vehicle picks up another passenger.

Passengers “will still be permitted to travel with a personal care attendant and approved guest,” Feinberg said.

The decision came a day after Mayor de Blasio suspended all pooled Uber, Lyft and Via rides in the city until further notice.

The 1,200 people enrolled in a Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) pilot program that allows Access-A-Ride users to use a smartphone app to order wheelchair-accessible taxi rides for just $2.75 will see no changes. The MTA postponed plans to double the number of people in the pilot program, while also limiting the number and cost of taxi rides they’re allowed to take.

Source: Daily News

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