This job is simple, but not easy. Being a really good chauffeur requires a lot more than driving. It involves thoughtful multi-tasking and being prepared for any issue or question that may arise and managing it well.

Below are five areas where I strive to provide exceptional customer service, going above and beyond just driving safely.


This is a word I invented. It simply means the study of traffic. It involves being aware of the traffic situations all around the area. I do this by listening to 880 AM CBS News radio on the 8s (12:08, 1:08, 2:08, etc.) and 1010 AM WINS news radio on the 1s (12:01, 1:01, 2:01, etc.). This helps me plan ahead and around accidents, construction zones and other traffic nightmares.


The commonly accepted term for someone who studies the weather is meteorologist, but they rarely talk about meteors. I invented the word weatherologist because – to me – it better describes the study of weather and how it impacts my day.

Many times, passengers will get into my car and ask, “What has the weather been like while I was away on my trip?” or “What is the weather forecast for the next few days?” Having witnessed this trend, as a chauffeur, I try to provide useful information to my passengers. They appreciate these little things, and appreciation can sometimes translate into bigger tips. You can get the weather reports right after the traffic reports on CBS 880 AM (on the 8s) and WINS 1010 AM (on the 1s).


I am a news junkie. I listen to it as often as I can. I also subscribe to Timemagazine. There are many times when passengers returning from overseas ask, “What’s been happening here for the last few days while I was away?” I’m pleased to say I usually have fact-based answers for them — without interjecting any opinions.


Having good navigational skills is helpful for any chauffeur. Being able to carefully and effectively plan your travel route and clearly communicate this to your passengers is very important.


Occasionally, a passenger will ask me where the nearest Starbucks or coffee shop is. Since I love coffee, it’s not hard for me to point them in the right direction so they can get their jolt of caffeine.

Being a “Master Multitasker” is critical for a chauffeur to do this simple job effectively. By focusing on these five areas, you will better be able to offer exceptional service for your customers.

Article by RH Stovall, Jr

R.H. Stovall, Jr. is a Senior Executive Chauffeur, trainer and mentor for Royal Coachman Worldwide in Denville, NJ.

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