An Israeli developer of extreme fast-charging (XFC) battery technology for electric vehicles (EVs) – called StoreDot – unveiled in September what it called the “world’s first” silicon-dominant battery prototype capable of recharging in just 10 minutes. The company’s cylindrical cells use a format favored by global carmakers, specifically electric vehicle giant Tesla.

StoreDot said it was now working on setting up a production line with Eve Energy, the company’s manufacturing partner in China.

The 4680-format battery will be ready for production at scale in 2024, the company said, as will its first-generation fast-charging pouch cell, also aimed at the EV market. StoreDot is also working on extreme energy density (XED) solid-state technologies that will allow for longer battery operability and will enter mass production in 2028.

Founded in 2012, Herzliya-based StoreDot has been developing lithium ion-based battery technologies, using nanomaterials and organic and inorganic compounds, that enable ultra-fast charging for the mobile and industrial markets. The process redefines the chemistry of conventional lithium-ion batteries, taking EV charging times from hours to minutes, the company says.

This breakthrough is achieved primarily by replacing graphite in the cell’s anode with metalloid nanoparticles, such as silicon, to overcome major issues in safety, cycle life and cell swelling during the charging process.

Source: The Times of Israel

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