We sometimes eat, listen to music, and even get work done or surf the internet in our cars (when parked, of course), essentially making them an extension of our home. The following DIY detailing tips can save you both time and money.

Remove Odors

Cigarette smoke, spilled drinks, long-forgotten snacks, and stinky gym bags all contribute to the odor inside a car, and it can get pretty funky. Air fresheners just mask the stench, so instead try odor eliminators that keep things smelling sweet with odor-absorbing charcoal sachets.

Sanitize Seat Belts

These necessary restraints get grimy fast and often harbor bacteria. To clean seat belts, extend them as far as possible, then clip them in place. Scrub with an all-purpose cleaner, using a small brush. (toothbrushes are great). Lastly, wipe with a microfiber cloth and leave the seat belts extended until dry completely.

Deep Clean Your Seats

You should regularly vacuum your car’s upholstery, but if you have been a little lazy, it’s probably time to de-grime your seats. First, suck up all the visible dirt with a handheld vac, using its crevice and brush tools to extract tiny particles. Then employ an upholstery-cleaning product, a stiff-bristled brush, and some elbow grease to remove stains. Depending on the damage you or your passengers have done, it’s wise to research specific stain-removal solutions as well.

Clean Mud, Dirt, and Grime from Floor Mats 

Floor mats are often easy to clean since they can be removed. If your mat is carpeted, clean it like your upholstery. Rubber mats, on the other hand, can get the hose. Either a garden hose or a high-pressure version at a car wash will help dislodge and de-gunk mud, small stones, dirt, and whatever else was tracked in on someone’s shoes. Also: Give the underlying carpet a once-over with your vacuum.

Use Car Cleaning Gel Around Dash and Console 

Dashboards can get pretty dusty, but they’re easy to clean with a feather duster, antibacterial wipes, or an all-purpose cleaner and soft cloth. You can also clean your dash with a car-cleaning gel or putty. This squishy-looking “slime” is actually a very effective detailing tool. Smoosh it into hard-to-reach places, like vents or center-console crannies and marvel at the dust and dirt it collects.

Source: Bob Vila

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