According to insurance provider INSHUR, due to the fact that the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) is allowing drivers and owners to put their For-Hire Vehicle (FHV) licenses “in storage” for up to 90 days during the COVID-19 pandemic, INSHUR is helping its customers reduce insurance costs by downgrading coverage to a new product option called INSHUR Non-TLC.

Through INSHUR Non-TLC, drivers reduce their level of coverage, which means they will only be able to use their vehicles for deliveries and personal use. An instructional video can be found here:

INSHUR explains how it works:

  1. How to register: Click Register to put my license in storage to start the registration process to put your TLC/FHV license in storage. If you would like to find out how much your Non-TLC policy will cost before placing your license in storage, you can download the INSHUR app and get a quote.

Your completed form will be emailed to you, and you then must email it to the TLC at Once the TLC has processed your request, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Find out more about what putting your license ‘in storage’ means here.

  1. Get covered: Wait 24 hours for the TLC to confirm your license has been placed in storage. Then, download the INSHUR app and choose Non-TLC cover. If you are already an INSHUR customer, the amount you need to pay each month will be reduced for the time your license is in storage. If you are switching from another insurer, you may be eligible to receive a refund from your current insurer. INSHUR has said it will assist in that process.
  2. Upgrade when you’re ready: When your TLC/FHV license is no longer in storage, you can increase your coverage again quickly and easily. Simply login into the INSHUR app and switch back to Full TLC cover from your dashboard.

If your TLC/FHV License is already in storage, you can Download INSHUR app.

Source: INSHUR

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