The Independent Drivers Guild (IDG), the nation’s largest rideshare driver advocacy organization, has said it supports U.S. travel rules to protect frontline workers from the “concerning” new Covid-19 Omicron variant.

“Experts agree this new Covid variant is a concern,” said Brendan Sexton, IDG’s Executive Director. “Putting a pause on some international travel could save countless lives and it’s welcome news to the frontline drivers who transport international travelers arriving in U.S. cities. Our mostly immigrant members must be protected and, based on the science and how quickly this new variant can spread, taking swift action to protect America’s frontline workers is the right thing to do. Uber and Lyft drivers are already struggling amid a dramatic loss of income. Without sensible worker protections, low-income drivers and other frontline workers will face impossible choices.

“Former President Trump put frontline workers – and especially New York City – in Covid’s crosshairs by moving too slowly to restrict international travel when the pandemic first hit. The result was catastrophic in terms of lives and livelihoods lost, and the nation’s frontline Uber and Lyft drivers were particularly hard hit. The US must not make the same mistake again and should keep a close eye on expanding international travel restrictions even further, in light of this new variant. We urge the Biden Administration to continue to act to protect the safety of America’s frontline workers.”
Source: Independent Drivers Guild

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