If you ever accidentally drop your phone in a puddle of water, try not to panic. Most smartphones are water resistant, so they can be submerged for a short period of time and still function. Just follow these simple steps to make sure your device is not permanently damaged.

  1. Turn off your phone. To prevent a short circuit, power off your device as soon as you remove it from the water. If your phone is plugged in and still under water, don’t touch it until you turn off the power to the outlet. If your screen is frozen, restart it and then turn it off. If your phone is already off, leave it that way.
  2. Remove the battery and SIM. If you know how to take out your SIM card, do so with caution. Otherwise, don’t attempt to take it out. If you have a removable battery, carefully take it out. Remove other accessories such as headphones.
  3. Dry off your phone
  • Do’s: Wipe down your phone with a soft towel. Use compressed air to dry out the charging port and speaker. Hold the nozzle at least two inches away. Set your phone upright so the moisture can drain out of it. Position a fan so it blows across the surface of the device.
  • Don’ts: DO NOT use heat from a hair dryer or stick a cotton swab in your phone; both can be harmful.
  1. Soak up any extra moisture
  • Do’s: To absorb liquid from inside your phone, place the device in a plastic bag with silica gel packets, which come in bottles of medication (or you can purchase some.)
  • Don’ts: Avoid putting your phone in rice. It may contain debris that can get caught in your device.
  1. Wait 72 hours: Wipe down the device and battery to clean off dust before putting them back together. Let your phone fully dry before charging or turning it on.

If you tried the above steps and your phone still isn’t working properly, try filing a claim for replacement.

Source: Verizon

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