Gravity, a Google-backed start-up that began as an electric taxi fleet operator in 2021, says its new EV chargers – which are located in a Manhattan parking lot, a block away from Times Square – are the fastest in the U.S. The chargers, which are installed at 401 W. 42nd St., are rated for 500 kilowatts and can theoretically add up to 2,400 miles per hour (40 miles of range in a minute and 200 miles in about five minutes) – just about the amount of time it takes to refuel a gas-powered car.

It’s important to note that actual charging speeds are dependent on the maximum voltage and ratings of a particular model’s EV battery. No EV in the U.S. can currently charge at even 350 kW consistently.

The station is open seven days a week to the public and commercial fleets, as of March 4. Parking is free. Right now, the cost of charging is a flat 59 cents per kilowatt-hour, but Gravity says it might incorporate dynamic pricing over time.

Source: MSN

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