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According to an article in the Dublin News, New York City cab driver John McDonagh finally got his payment for a fare that he negotiated back in 2013: two pints of Guiness. McDonagh collected payment from Shane Gaffney, a young man who didn’t have enough money to pay for his ride at the time.

“I got the IOU nine years ago,” explained McDonagh. “It’s four in the morning. He didn’t have the full fare and he said he owns a bar in Dublin. Then he wrote out on a trip sheet that when I come to Dublin, I can go to Gaffney & Sons to get two pints of Guinness. We discussed how much a pint was and the exchange rate between the dollar and the euro, we were like Wall Street brokers.”

McDonagh finally made the trip to Fairview to collect his taxi fare in October. He was on the road performing a one man play about being a taxi driver.

“I talk about my 40 years driving a yellow cab,” McDonagh explained. “I do this around New York and Boston, now I’m doing it in Ireland.”

Source: Dublin News

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