The New York State Assembly and Senate passed a bill in June to correct the spelling of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, which has been missing a “z” for decades, due to a typo in the construction contract. Gov. Cuomo has previously expressed support for the spelling correction.

Signs for the bridge, named for the 16th-century Italian explorer Giovanni de Verrazzano, have been spelled incorrectly for 50 years.Adding an extra “z” could literally cost taxpayers millions of dollars, if approved. To spread out costs over the course of years, the legislation includes a clause stating misspelled road signs for the bridge – which connects Staten Island and Brooklyn – would be replaced only when they wear out, not immediately.

A similar bill was floated in 2017, but the MTA shot it down as too expensive and the measure died. When the state changed the name of the Triborough Bridge to the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge in 2008, it cost more than $4 million to replace more than 100 signs with the new name.

Source: New York Post

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