New York City drivers have long been essential in moving this city, getting New Yorkers where they need to go. Over 100,000 families rely on this work to make a living. The heart-breaking consequences of COVID-19 are ravaging our city and our livelihoods. However, we are in this together and have fought for and continue to fight for important resources to help us through this crisis. 

First and foremost, we have fought to protect your health and safety. We successfully fought to ban pool rides, and for the apps to provide payments to drivers who were sick or at high risk of severe illness for COVID-19. 

Long before this crisis, we at IDG spent years researching and advocating for free telemedicine benefits for black car and app-based drivers through the Black Car Fund. As a result, thousands of drivers have been able to have free doctor’s appointments from the safety of home. And drivers who got sick during this crisis or who had a preexisting condition were able to get doctor’s notes and secure financial assistance from Uber, Lyft and Via. 

If you haven’t activated this free benefit, please do so at: You earned this benefit – for you and your immediate family. Take advantage of it and get it set up now, so that it’s ready to go if and when you need it.

During this pandemic, some drivers continue to serve the city’s most vulnerable through meal delivery and help other essential workers get to and from work. We at IDG have been working hard in partnership with the Black Car Fund to distribute masks, gloves, and sanitizer to thousands of drivers who are truly heroes moving heroes. Our IDG team has been out there, even in rain and nasty weather, to help protect our fellow drivers, whether they drive black car, FHV, livery, yellow taxis or green cabs. 

Meanwhile, over 80,000 drivers have not had any work and their vehicles are parked – yet, driver expenses remain high. Our team has been holding a series of webinars – connecting drivers to resources and experts, helping our members navigate unemployment, as well as a questions and answers session with the new TLC Commissioner Aloysee Heredia Jarmoszuk. Sign up to be alerted to these valuable webinars at

One of the biggest expenses drivers continue to face is the cost of TLC insurance. The pandemic and New York On Pause have dramatically reduced FHV business, traffic, car accidents, and accident claims, creating massive cost savings for insurers. However, the insurance companies have refused to reduce premiums for drivers. FHV drivers are paying the insurance for the risk associated with our work. Drivers should not have to pay when they are not working or when work has been significantly reduced. We are demanding that insurance companies lower TLC insurance premiums to reflect the dramatic reduction in work. Please join us and sign our petition at:

This is a difficult time for many across our city, but as drivers we can weather this storm together. We’ll continue to fight to protect your health, safety, and livelihood in this crisis. We have got each other’s backs and are here for one another. Join us.

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