A For-Hire Vehicle (FHV) driver and mother of four who was found murdered near Pittsburgh in February was captured on her vehicle’s dashcam video begging for her life in her final moments. Calvin Crew, 22, was arrested and charged with homicide after the footage was discovered shortly after the tragedy, court documents show. Allegheny County police say Crew was seen terrorizing 38-year-old Christine Spicuzza and holding a gun to her head as she drove around, just before killing her.

Spicuzza was reported missing by her family on Feb. 11 after she never returned from her shift as an FHV driver. Her body was found a day later. Her boyfriend reportedly told police he had bought her a dash camera for her work, though investigators noticed it was not among the items found in her car. Once it was found, the footage revealed Spicuzza pleading with Crew to spare her after he pulled a gun on her, police say.

“Come on, I have a family,” Spicuzza begged, with a gun to the back of her head. “I’m begging you… I have four kids.”

“I got a family, too. Now drive,” he coldly replied. “Do what I say and everything will be all right.”

Crew forced her to drive through multiple neighborhoods in Allegheny County and accessed her wallets on her phone, according to a criminal complaint.

Spicuzza’s dashcam eventually shut off. Authorities found her car and her body the next morning with a single gunshot wound to her head in the town of Monroeville. Though it was not immediately clear what happened to Spicuzza after the camera went dark, authorities said that it was likely “terrifying for Christine.” Crew was arrested, jailed, and charged with homicide, robbery, and tampering with evidence.

Source: The Daily Beast

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